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Estate Planning
​From a simple will to a complex trust, proper estate planning gives you the power to determine now what will happen to your property after you die.  
Estate Administration
Probate Litigation
Areas  of  Practice
If you have any questions regarding any of these areas of law, please contact us:  (860) 953-5174
​Estate administration is the process of legally passing title from a decedent's estate to an heir or beneficiary, and is usually supervised by the Probate Court    
​Probate litigation occurs when two or more parties take opposing positions on a probate matter.  Examples include will contests, trust construction proceedings and contested conservatorship hearings
Civil Litigation
This broad category encompasses all non-criminal disputes litigated in the Superior Court.  
Criminal Law    
Contract Law    
We handle all criminal matters from arrest to final disposition. 
Agreements, oral and written, govern the lives of most people.  When the agreement is enforceable by law, we call it a contract.  We help clients understand what they signed, or are about to sign, and we help them draft contracts that protect their rights.